Backyard Camping Rocks!

Have your kids been bugging you to take them camping. It is such a fun thing to do as a family. Sometimes it does not work to get to the campsite with all the extra curricular activities we all have. Why not do a backyard campout. Kids love to sleep in tents and it doesn’t matter where you are. A really fun way to plan this is let the kids help you with all the details. They can help set up the tent, build a fire if you have a spot to do that. Do the menu for the camping meal and of course make the s’mores. It is really fun to get creative with the toppings try Nutella and Strawberries yum!!!

Our kids love flashlights. Giving each member of the family their own is a must. We do not want them fighting over flashlights. What kid wouldn’t like this cool Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blaze Firefly flashlight?

Another huge hit for our back yard campout is to distribute light sticks. They come in bracelets, necklaces and sticks. This is a definite highlight of the night for our kids. They know when it gets dark it is time for light sticks. They also becomes each kids nightlight that won’t keep mommy and daddy awake.







This awesome book, Cooking on a Stick,  includes 12 east to follow recipes for all kinds of foods from main dishes to desserts. How about Moose Kabobs? Or Ranger’s Apple Pie?

The best part of camping out in your back yard is the memories you and your family will have, the gas you saved not driving somewhere and the joy you will bring to your kids. Let me also add the creature comforts of home. I have one friend who tells her kids she’s too pretty to go camping!! Share your back yard campout stories with us.