Get your garden ready for Spring!

A Spring Garden Walkway

Werner Van Steen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Sometimes the best thing about Spring is planting a great garden, and iVillage has shed some light on this subject in their article How to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring. Not only does gardening add cheer to your personal outdoor space, it can also be very therapeutic and give you an enormous sense of accomplishment. With helpful tips like making a plan, being environmentally friendly, and getting your garden tools ready, iVillage has you completely covered so you can show your best work in the garden this Spring!


Its Time to Swap the Pansies for Impatients

Container gardening is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. If you don’t feel you have a green thumb, container gardening can be a way to give you confidence to start gardening.

There are so many different things you can use to make a container garden. Look in the garage or basement or your child’s closet.  Here is a super cute idea. Take a pair of children’s crocs and fill them with dirt and plant for a whimsical garden planter. This is a fun way to get your kids involved in gardening. Featured here is lobelia with chicks and hens. This photo by Kerry Michaels.

If you are on a tight budget, take any container you have, fill it with dirt and buy a pack of nasturtium seeds. You will have edible flowers all summer long. They also make sweet small flower arrangements.

Planting an Endless Summer Hydrangea plant in a container is a wonderful way to have beautiful hydrangeas all summer long. They too make great flower arrangements. The more you cut them the more blooms you have.


Planting vegetables in containers can be very fruitful. Not all of us have the perfect sunny garden spot to put in a vegetable garden. Using a large pot with good drainage, high quality organic dirt, and a healthy tomato plant will produce tomatoes in your garden. When I plant or transplant I use Down to Earth All Purpose 4-6-2 fertilizer. I have used this product for several years and it is all natural and is great to use when planting edibles.

When you are deciding what plants to use in containers make sure you know if your container will be in full sun, shade or a combination of the two?  Another idea to consider for a sunny spot is to use succulents in your container. In the south most of the succulent plants are perennial plants.


Remember when you are shopping for your plants consider these things. Choose plants that have balance and contrast. A simple rule of thumb is to have 1 tall plant 1 filler and 1 trailing. Mixing different textures and colors will make your container more visually interesting.


Herbs are another way to get your feet wet in trying container gardening. Consider planting lavender, thyme and sage together. You wish you had time to do this well if you don’t call Sweet Abode we can help!