Refresh Your Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Decoration

So great! Wouldn’t it be special for your little ones to hunt for these this year?? Reader’s Digest really hit the nail on the head with nine fun, and incredibly creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs. They’ve even included what supplies you’ll need, and the steps for egg design and creation! Hunting for eggs was always such a magical time as child, especially when one or two of the eggs were designated as “prize eggs.” Such fun! So when you’re coloring eggs this year, don’t hesitate to travel down memory lane and make every detail a lasting memory for your loved ones.

There are all types of interesting ways to spruce up Easter, and it’s not just limited to eggs. Head over to The Mom Creative to see her 101 Kid’s Easter Basket ideas, for a collection of goodies to include in your little one’s baskets. And for some extra tips on Easter decoration, revisit our Easter is Sweet post!

Happy Easter from Sweet Abode!


Get your garden ready for Spring!

A Spring Garden Walkway

Werner Van Steen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Sometimes the best thing about Spring is planting a great garden, and iVillage has shed some light on this subject in their article How to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring. Not only does gardening add cheer to your personal outdoor space, it can also be very therapeutic and give you an enormous sense of accomplishment. With helpful tips like making a plan, being environmentally friendly, and getting your garden tools ready, iVillage has you completely covered so you can show your best work in the garden this Spring!

Easter Basket Extravaganza!

I just love waking up on Easter Sunday to see “what did the Easter bunny bring this year!?!”  It may be that some of you have more creative bunnies than others, so for those of you lacking a creative bunny I have compiled cute basket ideas.

For starters, you don’t have to use a traditional basket for Easter.  You can use a brightly colored gift bag, cut a fun top edge to it, and embellish with ribbons and flowers.  For a really fun idea, you can add a strip of candy buttons to the bag and blow the kids minds!

Another struggle for some is whether to add candy or no candy to the basket! There are a lot of good options and here are a few:


Art and craft supplies are a great Easter basket filler. has some cute ideas!

 Bath and beauty items are always fun for girl’s baskets:  throw in some finger nail polish, bath fizzies, earings and lip gloss.

Etsy has a cute “I Spy” bunny: 

Finally, what is an Easter basket without Easter eggs.  These are inspiring and beautiful!

Single Mother of 3 Yearns for Fresh and Modern

This home was a great example of how we reshuffle furniture, repurpose artwork/accessories and selected new finishes to make a home warm and happy!  We were able to update the space while maintaining the character that reflects what is important to this family.
It is amazing how a fresh new paint palette and a new dining room light fixture can add more light and warm up the space.

There are so many granite choices these days it is worth going to the granite showroom and picking out your slab.  There are also a variety of edge and finish options that add even more interest. Our client chose an antique finish, which gives an unpolished and refined look, while introducing a unique element to the space at no cost.  In addition to the new counter we accessorized with a new undermount sink adding the final touch of a seamless, elegant design.  It overall look was tied together by a sleek and simple subway tile backsplash.
The children needed a place to be together on the computer in the living area, so we pulled up a couple of timeless leather cubes that can be used for storage as well as seating, making this area work for kids playing and for an adult gathering.
Our homeowner’s budget did not allow for new furniture, but she actually did not need new furniture we just needed to be creative and reuse what she had to offer a fresh look. Adding French inspired pillows, framed black and white photographs and a couple of rugs gave the space the finishing touches it needed. The outcome was great!  Our client was very happy, her children love their new space and she stayed within her budget.  
 This is what our busy client had to say about her new space:
“My whole kitchen/dining room look great now. I had my sister-in-law over last night to see it, and she was amazed! Thanks again so much for my sweet, new abode!! I am very grateful for all of your help”