Refresh Your Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Decoration

So great! Wouldn’t it be special for your little ones to hunt for these this year?? Reader’s Digest really hit the nail on the head with nine fun, and incredibly creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs. They’ve even included what supplies you’ll need, and the steps for egg design and creation! Hunting for eggs was always such a magical time as child, especially when one or two of the eggs were designated as “prize eggs.” Such fun! So when you’re coloring eggs this year, don’t hesitate to travel down memory lane and make every detail a lasting memory for your loved ones.

There are all types of interesting ways to spruce up Easter, and it’s not just limited to eggs. Head over to The Mom Creative to see her 101 Kid’s Easter Basket ideas, for a collection of goodies to include in your little one’s baskets. And for some extra tips on Easter decoration, revisit our Easter is Sweet post!

Happy Easter from Sweet Abode!


Get your garden ready for Spring!

A Spring Garden Walkway

Werner Van Steen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Sometimes the best thing about Spring is planting a great garden, and iVillage has shed some light on this subject in their article How to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring. Not only does gardening add cheer to your personal outdoor space, it can also be very therapeutic and give you an enormous sense of accomplishment. With helpful tips like making a plan, being environmentally friendly, and getting your garden tools ready, iVillage has you completely covered so you can show your best work in the garden this Spring!

Restore Order in Your Space

Cork Planter Bookend Set

Cork Planter Bookend Set

There’s nothing wrong with a little spring cleaning, and Daily Candy has just the thing to bring renewed order to your living space. This month they featured 23 great ways to organize and restore order to areas in your home, and what wonderful items you can buy to accomplish it. They’ve even gone the extra mile by providing where you can buy these items online, AND how much they cost!

Enjoy this really helpful information and let us know if you have any other great ideas for restoring order at home!

Flip! For Decorating

A page-by-page, piece-by-piece, room-by-room guide to transforming your home.

Flip! For Decorating by Elizabeth Mayhew

This week, you MUST check out Flip! For Decorating by Elizabeth Mayhew. It’s a wonderful book that illustrates great design ideas for transforming spaces in your home! The motivation behind the book is using inexpensive and already existing items in your home to create the room of your dreams. We use this same philosophy in every home that we reshuffle, refresh, and organize. The book also features great before and after photos, time-saving reality checks, handy shopping tips, and easy informative sidebars that provide quick solutions for a jolt of style.

So do yourselves a favor and CHECK THIS OUT! And if you already have, let us know what you think.

Be honest…

MODA in Spring

This Spring, make sure to go by the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) to check out Stories in Form: Chair Design by Portfolio Center! It’s currently running, and will continue to run until June 3. MODA, in partnership with Portfolio Center, is presenting this exhibition honoring history and design through the medium of chair. So sit back and enjoy!

There are plenty of more events going on at MODA in the near future, so be sure to check back with them often and show your support! In the meantime, post some photos of YOUR favorite chairs; our favorites are above…

Also head over to our site to see more inspired design using your existing chairs and other furniture.

Leap Day Sale

Leap Day Sale For Westside Foundry

Definitely check out this one day only sale at Westside Foundry! We highly recommend them, and an opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day. Let us know how it goes, and enjoy!

Be Smart with Kid’s Art

It’s the end of the school year and while that brings big SMILES, it’s also the time of year that the kids bring home big PILES of artwork!! As the teachers purge their classrooms, our homes expand. Are you asking yourself, what should I do with all of these petite Picasso’s and mini Monet’s?  The 3 of us have kids and while we think ALL of their pieces are masterpieces (wink), we can’t hang everything  (or send them to the relatives) so we rotate artwork  as we or the kids tire of seeing what is displayed.  A good way to display kids art is on a bulletin board, a magnetic surface or these great alternatives.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

Going through their piles with them can sometimes be counter productive if your goal is to simply hang on to a few.  Ask them to pick out their 5 favorites, then take pictures of the other ones they like a lot.  Or, on a rainy day, they can make a collage or mosaic with the ones that didn’t make the top 5, cutting small pieces from each  to create one  new piece!  

 How do you display  masterpieces in your household?

Backyard Camping Rocks!

Have your kids been bugging you to take them camping. It is such a fun thing to do as a family. Sometimes it does not work to get to the campsite with all the extra curricular activities we all have. Why not do a backyard campout. Kids love to sleep in tents and it doesn’t matter where you are. A really fun way to plan this is let the kids help you with all the details. They can help set up the tent, build a fire if you have a spot to do that. Do the menu for the camping meal and of course make the s’mores. It is really fun to get creative with the toppings try Nutella and Strawberries yum!!!

Our kids love flashlights. Giving each member of the family their own is a must. We do not want them fighting over flashlights. What kid wouldn’t like this cool Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blaze Firefly flashlight?

Another huge hit for our back yard campout is to distribute light sticks. They come in bracelets, necklaces and sticks. This is a definite highlight of the night for our kids. They know when it gets dark it is time for light sticks. They also becomes each kids nightlight that won’t keep mommy and daddy awake.







This awesome book, Cooking on a Stick,  includes 12 east to follow recipes for all kinds of foods from main dishes to desserts. How about Moose Kabobs? Or Ranger’s Apple Pie?

The best part of camping out in your back yard is the memories you and your family will have, the gas you saved not driving somewhere and the joy you will bring to your kids. Let me also add the creature comforts of home. I have one friend who tells her kids she’s too pretty to go camping!! Share your back yard campout stories with us.

How to Streamline your Morning Routine

Leaving the house in a mad dash is more the norm than the exception
for many. Whether you live by yourself or with others, making a few
minor changes to your morning routine will have you heading out the
door on top of the world. The trick is nothing fancier than taking care
of as much as possible the night before.

  • Check your calendar and to-do list to make sure you have everything you need for appointments the next day and to cue your memory for any other necessary items.  

  • Program your coffeemaker to start brewing that black magic before you roll out of bed. Purchase an electric hot-pot for tea, hot chocolate and instant oatmeal. Pull out the blender, bananas and other dry ingredients for smoothie production. 

  • Move frozen food to the refrigerator to thaw for the next day’s dinner.  Announce what is for dinner on a small  wipe off or chalk board daily. 

  • Choose your entire outfit for the next day and encourage your family members to do the same.  That’s a power struggle you don’t have to deal with in the morning. Don’t forget underwear, socks, shoes and accessories. You’ll never have to stare blankly into the closet again!

  • Prepare lunch or lunch fixings.                                            

  • Double-check supplies.

     Make sure there’s enough milk, cereal, bread and fruit. If not, send an able body to the store after dinner.   Have him or her put gas in the car too, if you’re running on empty

  • Sort vitamins or medications into labeled pillboxes and put them on the breakfast table.

  • Make sure your children’s backpacks contain everything they need for the day, including uniforms, signed paperwork, book reports and projects (set up a checklist for older kids). Get your own bag and files ready as well 
  • Determine whose turn it is to walk and feed the dog. You don’t want to forget about Rover while everyone is rushing out the door. 
  • Hang a shelf at the door with hooks for keys, and use the shelf, a basket or an entryway table to stash sunglasses, purses, lunches, backpacks, etc.  Have a pad of paper there to write down reminders like,  “Bring snacks for soccer practice.” Do a sweep to make sure important items are ready to go by the door.