Delight in the Date Night at Home!

No more putting off getting a sitter! 

 Stay home for date night tonight!

 There are plenty of date ideas for staying at home. If you stay creative, you and your loved one can spend some quality time together without  spending a lot of money or ever putting your shoes on .  

Dinner and a movie are a standard date for most couples. However, why not stay in and make dinner together? This way, you can work together to create a festive meal and then enjoy  a movie. The first film you saw together or one that mimics your own relationship often help when making a choice.  My husband and I love to share what we call “Trail Supper”.  A “no cooking night”!  After we put the kids to bed, we enjoy something you might have on a trail:  olives, cheese and crackers or bread, fruit , raw veggies and great beverages!  

Try  fondue to add festivity to your date at home.

This set  prevents the cheese or chocolate from burning and requires no electricity, just candlelight.

If you both enjoy nature but don’t want to leave your home, try doing some home-based gardening. This is a nice way to do something productive and enjoy a project together.

Consequently, think about having a game night at home. Make some delicious snacks, pop in some music, and uncork the wine while the two of you play cards or play a board game. It’s a way to have a light and fun game, assuming no one gets too competitive!


  These Celebration Plates, bowls and cups are made from recycled melamine and add a bit of fun and whimsy to the date when it’s meal time!   Embrace your home and enjoy your date, too!

Tell us about a “date night at home” idea  that you have!

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