Decorating for and Easter Celebration

If you are anything like me, you still do not know what or how you will serve Easter brunch.  The food you will have to figure out on your own, but I am here to help you create a very festive Easter gathering!

 When doing an outdoor table setting, it is so fun to bring some of your chairs and pillows outside for comfort and whimsy.  Decorate the table with a centerpiece of tree branches hanging with painted eggs, some vases of spring blooms and dishes of easter candy.  If you are crafty, you should make banners like the one in this picture from House Beautiful.     

An indoor Easter table setting can be really beautiful and SUPER EASY when you start with a simple white table-cloth and adding a couple of brightly colored ribbons.  Here you don’t even need to use flowers…you can simply use the eggs you have dyed for the big hunt!

Easter is such a symbolic and special time of year!  It is an opportunity to celebrate life and the beauty and bounty that surrounds us in nature and in our loved ones, so enjoy and feast with them.

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