Savvy Spring Decor!

Spring is not just the time to clean and purge the old, but it is a celebratory time of year:  Graduations, Holiday Brunches, and other celebrations!  So, why not rejuvenate your home?  Welcome spring by checking out these helpful tips and ideas that won’t cost you a bundle.

At Sweet Abode, one of our services is “Room Reshuffle/Redesign”.  Developing a more flexible floor plan by aligning and shifting pieces can often open up the space and create better flow, without buying anything!

Delight in de-cluttering
With the new season comes the inspiration to cleanse and purge items that you no longer need. Replace heavier accent objects, such as ceramics, with lighter pieces, like baskets. Reposition artwork and add mirrors whenever possible as they open up a room and give the illusion of more space. Of course, when in doubt, recycle it out.

Shop and swap
As the focus on sustainability becomes more widespread, so do your options for eco-friendly products that do not deplete the earth or your pocketbook. Some options include swapping with a group of friends to changing out items that no longer fit your space, or shopping in thrift stores and consignment shops. Of course, when those options won’t do, we suggest purchasing eco-friendly, simple selections such as bamboo rugs, organic cotton sheets or recycled glass.

Bring on the colors of nature!  Get rid of the silk and dried flowers and add the beautiful textures and colors of green vegetation. 

Even just new throw pillows can add a fresh look to your home.

When you lighten the landscape, you lighten the mood!

Lighting is another simple, affordable and eco-friendly way of sprucing up the home. We suggest converting all task lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs. The reduction in energy consumption translates into a lower monthly bill and an overall reduction in your carbon footprint.

Let spring bloom inside your home!  With fresh colors and a bit of reshuffling, your home can be ready to welcome your guests for any celebration.


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