Spring Means Garage Sales!

With spring cleaning and decluttering come garage and yard sales.

While you don’t have to spend big bucks outsourcing your signs to a print shop, we recommend that you always include the following 8 things in a garage sale sign–if you actually want to get people to show up and shop at your sale:

  1. The street address of the sale
  2. The time and date of the sale
  3. Arrows pointing shoppers in the right direction to get to the sale
  4. Big enough lettering so people can read it from far away
  5. Keywords on the sign that are likely to catch someone’s eye, like “Antiques,” “Art” or “Tools”
  6. Bright and bold signs and printing that catch people’s attention
  7. Not too much information that someone driving by can’t read your entire sign at 30 mile per hour
  8. Signs that are waterproof and windproof, in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate

You should always create multiple versions of your sign and place them in high-traffic spots on the way to your sale. We also recommend spreading the word by telling your friends, posting information about the sale on neighborhood and community bulletin boards (both online and offline) and, of course, listing your sale for free on Tagsellit.com. (Putting something in Craigslist’s “garage sale” section probably wouldn’t hurt either.)

Time your sale strategically:
Fridays seem to bring the heaviest flow of die-hard garage sale visitors looking for prime merchandise.
Saturday mornings will bring in folks out on errands and ferrying children to various activities. Business tends to slow down after 3:00, and most sales end by 4:00.
Sundays are often not worth the trouble of setting up and tearing down. If there is an event going on in your town that typically brings in people from other areas:  craft shows, garden tours, pancake breakfasts, for example—you might pick up customers you otherwise wouldn’t. 

  • Consider a neighborhood yard sale. These can be great fun and bring in lots of buyers, and expenses for signage and advertising can be shared. Enlist local teens or spouses to help out with parking and traffic control.  
  •  Finally, always take down your signs as soon as the sale is over so they don’t clutter the neighborhood and become a nuisance and an eye sore.

Send us a picture of a garage sale sign that caught your eye!


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