A Delightful Deck!

A deck is a lot like a patio, where it is an extension of your indoors out.  We talked about accessories and decorative details to enhance your great outdoors, but what about the essentials:  furniture or even decking material.

This grouping from Summer Classics is a great example of how to maximize a long, narrow deck or patio.  Narrow and long areas make it very easy to create two seating spaces, one for dining and one for lounging.
Curranonline.com is a great outdoor furniture source.  Their products range from reinterpreted old styles to timeless, classic pieces  to streamline, modern accents.  It does not take much to add flair to your outdoors, just one conversational piece can make a big difference.
The vegetal stackable chair from highbrow furniture is a great option for people who have a tight space and entertain a lot, you pull them out when you need them and make a serious statement! 
Keep in mind, outdoor furniture can be made of wood (teak), aluminum, vinyl, metal, wicker, resin, or plastic. Teak, wicker metal, and resin will cost more and weigh more that vinyl or plastic. The added weight will keep them in place on windy days. Vinyl and plastic are easier to clean and will most likely be collapsible for easy indoor storage if desired.
For those of you who have a concrete patio and want to make it a bit more cozy, wooden deck tiles are a fabulous solution.  For $125 per 20, decktiles.org is a great source with a variety of styles and stains.   
If you are in the market for a new deck please look below for a helpful guide.
Most decks in this area are made with one of the following materials:

  • Pressure treated wood
  • Hardwood
  • Composites

The chart below will provide you with a quick overview and comparison of each of these three kinds of decks.


  Pressure Treated Hardwood Composites
Cost Lowest initial cost Higher initial cost Higher initial cost
Maintenance Requires the most maintenance: staining, sanding, etc. Requires some staining/sealing to retain finish Long-lasting color and texture
Splinters and Cracking Splinters and cracks easily Few splinters Guaranteed not to splinter or split
Investment Good Better Best


NOTE: All decks, regardless of materials and construction, should be inspected annually for safety and cleaned with soap and water each year to maintain best appearance.

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