Patio Paradise

Patio is Spanish for back yard.  It is an extension of your indoors during the warm months of the year and a great place to dine and entertain.  These days there are so many great rugs, furniture, accessories and lighting to choose from that add real style to your outdoors. 

A great way to freshen up your look each year is changing your cushions and umbrellas.  Lighting really makes a difference when entertaining outdoors.  Simple string lights are fun, but check out the Boho bag light from Molo Designs that goes with you wherever and you can hang it wherever…super cool:

The Candela lights from Vessel are a great way to add a candle effect to your tabletop without blowing out in the wind.

Water features add a very soothing sound to your outdoor space.  This is a really beautiful example of a custom tile fountain.

Plants and the way you display them can be the focal point of your patio, by adding color and texture.  You can have groupings of ceramic pots with large plants such as camelias or Japanese maples.  A very cool new trend, especially for apartments are vertical gardens.  Sunset Magazine has a step by step guide to making your own succulent vertical garden.

You can also buy one ready to go from Terrain:

 Hopefully these ideas will inspire you bring a piece of your indoors out.  Send us your patio pictures!

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