Springtime = Porchtime

One of the best things about spring is sitting down to a soothing playlist, glass of wine in hand, on your candlelit porch with your sweetie (a book will do too)!  After being cooped up indoors for all of those winter months, it is time to get out and enjoy the warm breeze and beautiful blooms of the new season. 

A porch is a really fun place to add some serious personality to an already inviting and comforting extension of your indoors.  You have a small enough room where you can go crazy on style with a small budget.  New throw pillows can add a punch of color.  Look for Sunbrella material that is fade, mildew and stain resistant that can last more than 1 season.  Check out West Elm’s collection of pillows for $34:

Decorative lighting adds interest, warmth and mood to your porch in so many ways.  A candelabra over your dining table sets a very elegant mood for your next dinner party. 

Lanterns are a very popular and whimsical way to turn a dark corner of your porch into a decorative vignette.  You can go for the adorable $59 West Elm Wire Lanterns or you can splurge for a Moroccan Lantern from aiyanainc.com at $237. 

A great touch of depth and warmth is an outdoor rug.  Brita Sweden is a great resource for plastic rugs that last a lifetime without losing their color, but most importantly without emitting toxins into the environment.

Mixing old and new on your porch, such as a weathered, painted coffee table or a vintage metal watering can, will radiate a nostalgic look and feel.  Adding vegetation will introduce new life and a cool green hue, while complimenting the style you hope to exude.  For a more southern touch you can place a large palm in a wicker basket or hang a fern with your lanterns in the corner.  These hanging glass bubbles from Shane Powers will add a contemporary feel, if that is the look you are hoping to achieve.

Revitalizing your porch is a really fun way to bring life back to your house after a long and cold winter.  

Send us your porch pictures, but also remember that Sweet Abode would love to help you transform your pollinated space into a relaxation haven! 


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