“Green” with Envy

It seems as soon as the temperature starts to rise and the flowers begin to bloom that I need to do some reshuffling in my home.

I feel the need to make sure the windows are extra clean and that things in my house are exposing us to the “light” we have been yearning for all winter long.

Do you drool over home and decor magazines all winter like I do?  Do you realize that rushing out to your favorite boutique or other furniture shop doesn’t seem quite right when you have plenty of pieces already?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

“These are the days of miracle and wonder”, like Paul Simon used to sing…it’s true!  Look at these days as times for you to ponder your “nest” and shop in your own home.  I have been called the “reshuffling queen.”  Once a piece in my house , be it furniture or art, starts wearing on me I realize it has a greater purpose and position somewhere else.  My goal is to always keep it unpredictable and exciting.  When that’s not happening, it gets repurposed in a whole new fashion…to the curb!

There are all forms of recycling.  One of my favorite forms is to take things or pick things up from the curb to be repurposed.  It is amazing what your neighbors throw away.  Pay attention the day before and the day of TRASH DAY!

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