Where do you put your guests’ coats?

One of the greatest features in a home are CLOSETS!  You now have storage and there is an added bonus when you have a hall closet.  Well, you move in and decide that closet will be for guest coats ONLY and you will get really nice hangers to show your guests their coats have a prestigious location to call their own when they come over.  Fast-forward 2 to 3 years and all of a sudden your closets are overflowing and the kids rooms and playrooms are maxed out and you realize….that hall closet is EMPTY.   Yay, again!

We all know that the hall closet is really the place to throw things when guests come unexpectedly or you have run out of storage space in all of your other closets.  There are a number of space-saving tools you can use to maximize this very useful nugget of space.

Clear out all things that do not make sense in that closet.  Board games need to go to the kids’ rooms or the playroom or living room.  Remember to donate any outdated outerwear.  Properly storing your items maximizes your space and time.

Low plastic bins are the best way to store boots and cleats.  An umbrella stand is a great way to store baseball bats, tennis rackets and even wrapping paper; this makes it easy to find what you are looking for and nothing falls out of the closet when you open the door. 

Cute storage boxes like these from organize.com add a pop of color to your once drab family containment center (aka hall closet).  You can even take it to the next level by painting the inside of the closet a fun and bright hue.

Being organized will also help you get out the door faster!  Hanging sweater shelves will add a lot of space for things like scarves and mittens, baseball caps, balls and gloves and make it easy to see and grab.  A hosiery organizer is a great place to store the little things that get lost easily like sunscreen, bug spray, batteries and first-aid items. 

When trying to maximize space, don’t forget to look at ALL of the available space…like the door!  Adding a couple of hooks on your door will create a nice place to hang your bags and hats.  If you do a lot of gift-wrapping there is a great over-the-door gift wrapping station from www.organizeit.com.

Get inspired and get organized! 

Photos courtesy of Real Simple and Martha Stewart


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