Mudroom Advice

Assess, Measure, Plan, Purchase, Install
So, you want to incorporate a mudroom into your home…where shall you put it?
Step1 — Define your storage needs. What do you REALLY need to store in this location (essentials)? What things are convenient to have available when you walk out the door (handy)? What items do you use only occasionally or seasonally that might be stored elsewhere (seasonal)?
Step2 — Assess your storage area. What spaces do you have for storage? Can you add furniture to the room or hall you want to use? Is there wall space for hooks or cubbies?
This mudroom locker from is a great solution if your kitchen or laundry room is near your main entryway and you have a corner that can be filled. 
Step3 — Measure and plan. If you can not build out a space for a mudroom, think creatively.  Is there room for a second rod or an over-the-door organizer in your hall closet? Will a chest of drawers fit in the kitchen corner? Can you hang hooks in the hall?
Country Living has a great example of how a couple of hooks and an interesting bench can work as a “hallway mudroom”.

If there is no way you can fit a mudroom “in” your house, you always have the option of your garage or carport. has a great idea for using a blank wall of your garage as your mudroom.  This way your “stuff” is not the centerpiece when your guests arrive!
A mudroom really is a mom’s friend.  With a little creativity, you can find a spot for the trail of “stuff” that follows your kids home every day!

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