Mom’s Love Mudrooms

Is someone always in trouble for tracking in mud or snow?  Are there shoes or bike helmets in random places of the house?  For people who don’t have garages or carports for these items, a mudroom is a great solution.

What is the most frequently used entrance to your house?  If it is the front entrance, the design will be something quite different from what you would have at a rear or side door.  If the entrance is from the garage into the house, an area inside the garage near the door can be used.  If there is an entryway or utility room inside the door, that is a wonderful place to create a mudroom.  Even a well thought-out corner can be tremendously useful.

Moms especially love mudrooms.  It’s reason to exist is for storing everything that cannot be stored in the main house (muddy shoes, wet clothes,large and bulky sports equipment, backpacks, bags, purses and seasonal coats).
This area and these items should always be easily accessed coming in and out of the house.  And, honestly, they are hard to decorate around!

Although the mudroom is a utility area more than anything else, it is essential that it looks nice and inviting.  Add pillows, a  plant, a durable rug and a  foot mat at the entrance to rub muddy boots on .  For a personal touch, add photos.  Small touches will make you want to keep things tidy and organized, right?
Bring on the mud!
Images via Crate & Barrel
Tomorrow we will tell you HOW to plan and design your mudroom!


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  1. HI,

    I am building a house and having the hardest time finding what I’d like for the floor. I am looking for slate – looking (but not real slate, something easier to maintain.) Can you tell me the source of the top photo in this post?

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