Kids and their Closets!

It’s a conundrum!  children’s rooms are usually small, often shared and generally lack in built-in storage.Yet, kids’ rooms are host to out-of-season and outgrowing clothes, surplus toys and even household overflow!  You would be amazed at how much kids crave and can maintain order, so help them create a nice space they can manage. 

The solution:  Sort, Simplify and store!

1.  Make “stay”, “donate” and “consignment” piles.  Once you have sorted put the donation items in your car so they are ready for your next errand run.  

2.  ALWAYS try to see things from your child’s perspective.  Go ahead and get on your knees so you can see how kids see things.  Hanging shelves and closet rods within their reach will be so much nicer for them and their sense of independence. 

Organizing the closet this way helps divide the space so the bottom half is their go-to area and the upper half (shelves or an additional bar) is ready for next season.  

3.  Hanging cubes and over-the-door shoe racks are great ways to store a number of items in a small space.  Hanging sweater shelves can be so convenient:  each shelf can hold an outfit for every day of the week or hold t-shirts and shorts for easy viewing. 

4.  Hooks and peg boards are another great way to add organization and style to a kids’ closet, or even their room.  This is a great place for belts, hats, sweaters and backpacks.  Check out these adorable letter hooks from

One added bonus to having a lower closet bar, particularly when using an Elfa system, is the shelf the rod hang from.  A perfect place for shoes.  Which leads me to…

5.  The floor of the closet!  All of a sudden you have blank space…to keep storage bins, baskets or cubes for toys, art and any other item that does not need to be within reach.  Benjamin-Moore has a very innovative way to keep track of the contents in those bins: use chalkboard paint to paint squares on your plastic bins, so you just erase the label when you need to repurpose that bin!

Order and organization is such a gift to give your child.  Their room or closet should not be a showroom.  It should be a place where they can find what they need and enjoy what they have!  Remember:  Don’t get overwhelmed…Sweet Abode is always here to help.


2 responses

  1. That kid closet is spectacular! I need the sweetabode lady to come to my house. I smell an HGTV series or recurring segment on a morning show!

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