The Jewelry Jam


Isn’t it a challenge to keep your necklaces, bracelets and rings out of a tangled mess?  Already late for work, you reach into your jewelry box to grab the perfect necklace for your outfit and you pull out a wad of silver and gold the size of a tennis ball…nice!  I know the feeling, so I have found a few ways to help us all with that problem.

If you don’t own a lot of jewelry, a traditional jewelry box with compartments will suffice.  Another alternative is a set of stackable trays from the Container Store.  These are great if you have extra space in a bathroom drawer or even on an open closet shelf!

Tackle boxes and divided craft boxes are excellent for storing rings and earings.  They are great for dorm rooms or for those of us who travel a great deal.  The dollar stores have small ones with secure tops for easy storage and are great for travel. An even better idea is to use a daily pill container for travel!  Another great Dollar store find for jewelry is an ice-cube tray…I know…great idea!  You can color coordinate your sets of rings and earings this way and stack them for easy storage.

 So, now that we have dealt with the practical side of storing our fashionable flair (not to be confused with the Benningan’s flair in the film Office Space)…how can we get creative with our displays of jewels?  Well, you start with a sheet of mesh wire you can find at your local hardware or craft store and then look for an interesting frame from a yard sale or even your attic.  Use a staple gun to adhere the mesh to the back of the frame and within minutes you have a decorative jewelry storage solution to hang on your bedroom, bathroom or closet wall.

Necklaces, bracelets and watches can be a challenge to store, but when you think creatively why not display them?  If you have bare walls in your room, you might want to consider a non-traditional form of art!

Remember, Jewelry takes people’s mind off your wrinkles.  Quote by Sonja Henie

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