Closet Mania

Did you know that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?  With that in mind, it is time to organize your closet! has a fantastic tip:  Hang all of your clothes with the hanger hook facing you and when you wear that item you put it back with the hanger facing the right way.  After 6 months, anything with the hanger hook facing you should be donated or sold. If that does not seem like an option, just tag the hanger with a twist-tie or ribbon.

There are so many different closet organizers, gadgets and kits these days there is truly no reason why you should feel bad about your closet!  Now, if you don’t have the time to stay on top of your closet organization you know you can always call on Sweet Abode for help.

After you have decided what stays in your closet, you need to make sure your system is fully functional for your needs.  We all know you can go to The Container Store and get a new Elfa system set-up that will be beautiful and functional.  But, for some that may not be an option and that is where all of the great new gadgets come in.  A 11 closet doubler rod from Wal-mart adds an extra layer of room where you can put shirts on top and pants on the bottom.

Matching hangers add  a great sense of order to a closet in a matter of minutes and without spending a great deal of money.  You can pick up the traditional plastic ones next time you do a Target run or get the Bumerang 8 pack of hangers at Ikea for $4.48.

There is nothing like a great tie or belt rack to maximize the unused wall space in your closet.  You can even use them for necklaces.  I find the Accessory Mate for $23.99 at is really unbeatable with its shelf you can use as a valet; this is a real find for those of you with limited space!

In order to save time when getting dressed in the morning, sort everything by color and sleeve length.  doesn’t Natasha-Michelle’s image just bring a smile to your organized heart?

Shoes can be neatly stored at the bottom of your closet or in over the door or hanging shoe bins…there are so many options. This image from O Magazine shows you how you can be creative with your space, furniture and belongings…decadence should never be underrated! 

Just remember what a nice feeling it is to open your closet and know what you need is easy to find!


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