Pantry Procrastination

So, this week we have decided to start national procrastination month by tackling the KITCHEN!  I think you will get the most satisfaction by starting where you probably spend a great deal of time in.  In that wonderful kitchen of yours….what is the scariest place? I know in my kitchen it is the PANTRY!      

Organizing your pantry is a great rainy day project that will save you time, money and space.  Here is how it is done:

1.  Empty:  This is the worst part, but the results are worth it!  Toss out any expired items.  Make a keep pile and if you come across any items you know you will not use, but are still good make a donation pile.

2.  Create Zones:  Determine what you use most and keep those goods close at hand on the middle shelves where everyone can access them, even your little helpers.  Sliding shelf organizers, like the Household Essentials Glidez Double Pantry Sliding Basket Organizer from, are a great way to keep like items together and easily accessible.    

Once you organize each zone, you need to put the less frequently used items in the top shelves and the larger, bulkier items on the floor.  

3.  Storing:  You are going to have items that come in not-so-convenient packaging or in bulk (products from Sam’s Club or Costco)  that will become stale in their original packaging.  Those items are best poured into safe and environmentally friendly glass jars, like these from The Container Store.

4.  Maximize Space:  There are a number of expandable and tiered shelving systems you can buy to double the space on each shelf.  Another great way to mazimize space is to use an over-the-door shoe organizer for the small packages, pouches and spice jars you use daily.

5.  Restocking:  Ensure that your items are up to date by enforcing the FIFO (first in first out) method by moving the older items to the front and the newer items in back.  Hang a grocery list in or near the pantry so you can make a quick note when an item is running low. 

By following these simple steps your pantry will no longer be a science experiment in the works; you may even be compelled to break into your newly created Baking Zone and make some cookies.

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