I Trust You!

Three magic words…

Nothing could ever be better than a client who tells you “this is what I want and I trust you to make it happen.”  Wow, really?  Yep!  From the moment we met our delightful client we knew there was a connection!  She had the idea of what she wanted in her head, but she needed us to take it to fruition.  

I think it is fair to say that when you have a child….life changes and guess what…so does your house!  Well, our client had a fantastic space off of the kitchen that was not being used to its full potential.  It is a bright and cheery space right off of the kitchen with a great fireplace.  What more could you ask for?   

By using a bar height table with 24″ bar stools, you have a great everyday breakfast table that can easily convert to a cocktail party gathering place right off of the kitchen.  Pulling up a couple of chairs and an occasional table to the fireplace adds a second gathering place for the family; and, after bedtime the grown ups can wind down with a glass of wine by the crackling fire on a cool night.    

The words kids and organized do not belong in the same sentence, but having a nice enclosed storage unit makes it possible…really!  Really!  We put art supplies, board games and legos into the armoire while the most used cars and action figures go into the cubbies on the outer shelves.  We added a rug that brings in a youthful splash of color and serves as a cozy floor playing area.  A child size table and chairs completes the space.

Children bring so much life to a home with their laughter, their energy and their creativity.  They make the heart of the home beat!  Our client knew that and wanted to make sure their family needs were being met.  So, what some would originally consider unused space has all of a sudden become a multi-purpose family mecca that will grow and conform with the family for years to come.  With trust come great rewards!

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