Curb Appeal

March is here!  Did you know it is “National Procrastination Month.”  Don’t let yourself or your family get caught in that chaos; instead, be part of the progress!

If you don’t have time to donate the things that you no longer need or want, consider taking them to your curb.  It will give  whole new meaning to the words “curb appeal.”  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure for sure!  It is so true.  Something you have been hanging on to for years and want to get rid of could be the very thing your next door or down the street neighbor wants or needs….and your next episode of entertainment.

Just wait and see; take something that you don’t mind parting with to your curb, go back inside your house, pull up a chair to your window and check out all of the “rubber neck-ers” who go by!  When I moved a few years ago, I vividly remember taking a silver serving tray out to our curb (I had only gotten about 20 as wedding gifts).  It was still in the box and quite nice.  It is not very often that brand new items are taken curbside, so it was a blast seeing who took home the prize. 

A middle-aged lady in a white minivan swooped it up and I got a kick out of visualizing her taking it home and enjoying it.  A few months later, I was at a potluck supper and saw a familiar face and silver serving piece.  I made a comment about how much I liked that particular piece and the lady told me that she made a point to use it daily because it was almost thrown in the landfill and had a greater purpose. 

Small World

….a small green world it needs to be!

2 responses

  1. My mother calls that curb shopping. Several years ago I found a great light fixture and really cute chair that are both in my daughters college house.

  2. I have had GREAT fun finding some wonderful treasures in people’s TRASH! Just to name a few; A Bakers Rack, Antique wicker chair,Children’s cubbies (which we now use in the Garage for all the potting and gardening tools).

    Bottom Line, “Someones TRASH is somebody’s TREASURE!”

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